How Your Wrestling Colours Trigger Subconscious Reactions

Wrestling colours stir up emotions and associations, and help define your persona. It’s more than just style. It’s psychological.

It doesn’t take more than 3 seconds for the audience to form a first impression of you that lasts.

You’re free to choose your look, so what do your wrestling colours subconsciously communicate to your audience? Does your wardrobe influence the tone for the rest of your performance? Or are you self sabotaging with poor choices?

Any brand consultant will tell you that colours significantly influence how you’re perceived. The saturated red and yellow of McDonald’s suggest vibrant food colours. Facebook’s blue implies trust and technological advancement. Can you apply these concepts on your wrestling gear?

What does it mean when your wrestling colour is green? What if it’s purple? My girlfriends would tell me it’s a little too sweeping to broadly categorise colours into simplistic bins, but you get my idea. (“Straight men!” One of them jokes, “where would the salmon or the emerald fit in?”)

You can find meanings of popular colours listed below, accompanied with examples featuring Singapore’s pro wrestlers as well as other talent in Southeast Asia.

Interpretations of your colours


If your wrestling colour is red, you fight with passion and courage. Red is bold. Imagine a Ferrari, or the lady at the bar in the red dress. Exciting. A little dangerous. Grapple MAX itself adopts red as a brand colour scheme.

Examples: Greg Glorious (till 2019), “Wildfire” Remus, EK Baki, Robin Sane

Wrestling colours: Greg Glorious wears red, representing passion and courage
Greg Glorious represents bold and passionate dreams coming to life
“Wildfire” Remus is known for his red hot intensity


Radiant, optimistic, energetic. Yellow and gold are eye catching wrestling colours. Flashy. For winners. Generally you tend to root for a character whose colours are yellow/gold. Think Bumblebee.

Examples: “The Golden Boy” Emman the Kid, Jake De Leon, DJ Kal, Rocky Huynh, The Eurasian Dragon, Ladykiller (till 2019)

Wrestling colours: DJ Kal is gold from head to toe
Grapple MAX ace DJ Kal decked out in gold from head to toe
Well, if your nickname is Golden Boy…


Represents confidence and stability. In the right shade it’s quite powerful. I wouldn’t consider it aggressive. Blue is usually not a bad guy colour. If you’re wearing blue, you’re calm, cool, and don’t come across as vicious.

Examples: JY Eagle, “Bulldozer” Irfan, Wilson (before his heel turn), Crystal (her hair)

JY Eagle going for the Drop Toe Hold
“Bulldozer” Irfan is calm and steady


Pop culture sometimes links green with evil. Think Slytherin, Dr Doom, or even Chick Hicks. What’s the colour of regular fire? Orange. What if the fire is green? Sinister. Not always negative though – green can mean nature, growth, and money.

Examples: Shaukat, “Hotshot” Wilson, Ho Ho Lun, Chino Guinto, Trexxus

Shaukat from Malaysia dominating at Marina Bay Slam
“Hotshot” Wilson’s striking green reflects his new attitude


Denotes power, ambition, royalty, Thanos. It’s a rich and sophisticated colour with connotations of luxury and wisdom. In the right shades it is sensual. What do video games also teach us about purple? It’s the colour of magic and poison. Use wisely.

Examples: Ladykiller, Chris Panzer, Double K, Emi Sakura, Cherry

Wrestling colours: Ladykiller's purple denotes power and ambition
All eyes on the Ladykiller
Cherry from Japan came to Singapore to win


Pink doesn’t have traditional masculine connotations. Baby boys get gifts in baby blue, baby girls get theirs in pink. But that’s why it’s unique. Beyond the outdated gender associations, pink can mean a wrestler is young, playful, or cheeky.

Examples: John Day, Emman the Kid (till 2018), Eileen

Fans at the Singapore Night Festival 2017 reaching out during Eileen’s entrance
Pink is John Day’s signature look


Communicates authority, reliability, seriousness. Upper card guys dress in black to indicate their no-nonsense approach. Choosing this colour? Then your personality should be strong, your wrestling should be superior, or you won’t stand out.

Examples: Gotham, Smart Dave, “Endboss” GREGORY, Dick Togo

Gotham, leader of the Feral Alliance
Smart Dave has held 2 different championships from Hong Kong Wrestling Federation


White is honest, pure, and dignified.

Examples: Michael Su, Grapple MAX Grade 1s.

Your wrestling colours at Grapple MAX

Our Grade 1 trainees wear the standard white kit to show their discipline and focus. When can they start customising their look? They earn the privilege to add in their personal wrestling colours when they’ve earned their stripes and passed Grade 2. It’s one of the elements of self expression in pro wrestling they can look forward to!

YC tries to pull off a basic Headlock Takedown
Larhvin’s debut in 2019

Now that you’ve found out how your first impression counts, use this next guide to wrap up your performance with one of the most important elements to any match – the finisher!

Original photos by Najwan Noor and Remus Devin Koh.

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