Wrestling Classes in Singapore: Sign Up Today

Pro wrestling classes in Singapore make fitness exciting! Half martial arts, half drama club. Give it a shot!

Ready to break into the colourful world of sports entertainment? Good. We’ll help you become a Singaporean wrestler. The best wrestlers are great athletes, as well as great actors.

Let us help you leap out of your comfort zone and experience an incredible transformation. Only with the structured wrestling training programme at Grapple MAX!

Grapple MAX was founded in 2016 to bring a systematic and safe approach to wrestling training in Singapore. Our trainees go through the syllabus to progressively develop the skills necessary to perform as a pro wrestler! No better time to start than now.

Systematic and structured syllabus at Grapple MAX
The Grapple MAX training syllabus is safe and systematic

Who can attend wrestling classes in Singapore?

The best thing about Grapple MAX training is that no prior experience is necessary. The age range of trainees spans 10 to 40. Whether you have a sports background is not important. Grapple MAX has even been credited for making pro wrestling a fun fitness activity for women!

Women attending wrestling classes in Singapore
A growing number of women have been learning wrestling
Kids attending wrestling classes in Singapore
Kids as young as 5 years old have even attended special wrestling classes for a school camp!

Why should you attend wrestling classes in Singapore?

Burn calories, develop body control, and build strength. Wrestling training increases your explosive power and strengthens your core. Basically get fitter and tougher – a great way to work up a sweat!

Work up a sweat at Grapple MAX's wrestling classes in Singapore
Work up a sweat at Grapple MAX

But wrestling is also a performance art. Just like theatre! And so aside from physical benefits you’ll also find yourself walking away with many positive mental changes.

Want to learn how to be more confident, or develop a strong personal charisma?

Grapple MAX trainees often find these improvements thanks to wrestling training. Perfect at the school or workplace! You can say good bye to stage fright when making presentations or sales pitches.

Unleash an unshakeable confidence from deep within you!

Wrestling is also a great medium of self expression. Choose your nickname, plan your wardrobe, pick your signature moves – all the elements to create the ultimate version of yourself.

But if what you’re looking for is just a wrestling-oriented community, our grapplers are the family you didn’t know you had. Here’s us at the Singapore Flyer after our performance at Chingay 2020!

Grapple MAX Chingay 2020
Grapple MAX is not just a place to learn wrestling. It’s a community!

Where can I start learning wrestling?

Tampines is the home of Grapple MAX! Our trainees work on their basics on the mat first, before they progress to the ring at a later stage.

You can book yourself a class to try out a session, before committing to a full package after discovering how much you love wrestling.

Have a ClassPass membership? Then check us out here!

Your life is about to change radically. Come join us and begin an adventure. I promise you there won’t be any regrets!

Wrestling class now in Tampines, Singapore
Check out Grapple MAX’s new home at Tampines!

Visit us:
GymKraft @ Tampines
6 Tampines St 92
Singapore 528893

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