7 Martial Arts in Pro Wrestling (Other than Wrestling)

Pro wrestling is a combat sport that draws from many traditional martial arts styles. Which can we see in Grapple MAX?

There’s a lot of talk about wrestling being a staged fight with a predetermined outcome. It is. We’ve known for decades. The people who still point that out to their friends who are wrestling fans sound like they just stumbled outta the 80’s this morning from a party they were completely un-fun to be around. Not worth the debate.

But the fighting manoeuvres portrayed in each pro wrestling match? From the technician’s slickest arm bar to the brawler’s wildest haymaker, these moves are rooted in various disciplines. We trace the backgrounds of some of our grapplers to identify the martial arts they’ve incorporated into their wrestling styles.

Dick Togo's pro wrestling Superkick
The wrestling Superkick is a thrust kick in traditional martial arts

In early 2019 we noticed an interesting trend among our newest batch of wrestlers. We observed kids with MMA backgrounds were signing up at Grapple MAX, and many were making the switch from traditional martial arts disciplines to begin learning pro wrestling. A curious pattern, but very encouraging.

So read on to see the different martial arts in pro wrestling in Singapore at work!

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All photos by Najwan Noor.

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