7 Martial Arts in Pro Wrestling (Other than Wrestling)

3. Taekwondo in Pro Wrestling

Taekwondo is a Korean sport and as a martial art it is characterised by acrobatic and flashy kicks. Along with Karate and Judo, it is one of the oldest martial arts in Singapore.

Canadian wrestler and 4th degree Taekwondo black belt “Speedball” Mike Bailey wrestled on Grapple MAX‘s Showcase 6 in 2018. His unique move set involves a lot of tricking to complement his impressive arsenal of kicks. He travels the world to give seminars at many pro wrestling schools, and we were glad to host him as well.

"Speedball" Mike Bailey Taekwondo at Grapple MAX
“Speedball” Mike Bailey is a great wrestling storyteller as well as martial artist.

Then we have Jordan. This is Jordan’s story of how he found Grapple MAX. As a Taekwondo practitioner and wrestling fan, he was following Bailey on Twitter, and noticed Bailey was wrestling here in Singapore. So he signed up for classes with us. Aside from Taekwondo, Jordan also holds a black belt in Karate, which adds to his convincing striking style.

Jordan Cheah Taekwondo at Grapple MAX
Jordan’s complex and beautiful Tornado Axe Kick

The first time he pulled off this kick in training, everyone’s jaw dropped. And that’s the thing at Grapple MAX, we want everyone to inject their own flavour into a wrestling match creatively.

Next up: Another Singapore classic.

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