7 Martial Arts in Pro Wrestling (Other than Wrestling)

5. Boxing in Pro Wrestling

The sweet science where athletes fight with their fists. Ali was The People’s Champion before The Rock was The People’s Champion. Ali was the GOAT before Jericho was the GOAT.

Grapple MAX’s DJ Kal does boxing as part of his fitness regime. It wasn’t until Grapple MAX opened in 2016 could he begin to carve out a career in wrestling. You can notice the way he throws his jab combination – he always keeps the other hand up to cover his face. Studying boxing also helps make a wrestler’s strikes look sharper and more believable, because of the way boxers generate punching power by twisting at the hip.

DJ Kal's striking at Grapple MAX
DJ Kal’s boxing background helps him throw solid looking right hands

The Ladykiller character borrows many elements from boxing as well, from the entrance robe, to the bob and weave, to the Ali shuffle. But back when I was boxing, my contact lenses would pop off my eyeballs even at the lightest jabs during sparring and I didn’t enjoy the ensuing blindness. So I chose wrestling, comforted by the fact nobody’s gonna be deliberately hitting me in the face.

Next up: Traditional Chinese.

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