12 Rock Bottom GIFs for Singaporeans to Bounce Back with

If the COVID-19 times are hard and you’re hitting rock bottom, we feel you.

Even if you don’t get infected by the virus, the looming economic recession or the circuit breaker-induced cabin fever will impact you on some inescapable level.

Fortunately, rock bottom means the only way from here is up. You’ve hit the foundation to rebuild your new life on. Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountaintops never will.

Now time to lighten up! It’s also a classic wrestling move. One that I’ve adopted in my wrestling career as a tribute to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Live events across the board might have stopped for now, but here are a dozen wrestling GIFs of Rock Bottoms, performed in Singapore and across Asia by The Ladykiller.

Stay home, but please don’t try this at home.

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1. Rock Bottom on Malaysia’s Golden Boy at Grapple MAX’s Causeway Jam (2018)

2. Taking Chris Panzer down in Manila at Philippine Wrestling Revolution (2018)

3. Graduation ceremony for Showtime at Grapple MAX’s 1st Showcase (2017)

4. Defending a championship against Razza in KL at Malaysia Pro Wrestling (2016)

5. Slamming Larhvin down at Grapple MAX’s Showcase 9 (2019)

6. Defending another championship against Philippines’ Sandata at Enter the Ring (2018)

7. Finishing Andrew off at Grapple MAX’s Anniversary Showcase (2017)

8. Rock Bottom to The D at Singapore Night Festival (2017)

9. A souvenir for Taiwan’s Porco, at Grapple MAX Showcase 5 (2018)

10. Insane Rock Bottom on “Wildfire” Remus at Grapple MAX’s 3rd Anniversary Showcase (2019)

11. Defeating “Hotshot” Wilson at Chingay Street Carnival (2020)

12. [BONUS] And this one by 17 year old John who learned it mid-match at Showcase 8 (2019)

Anybody who’s a somebody in life knows what rock bottom feels like. It’s not something you forget. It changes you. It can be humiliating. But you don’t have to stay there. Besides, the best time to make any financial investments is when prices have hit rock bottom and a new bull market cycle is waiting to start up again.

Opportunity is everywhere. Reinvent yourselves. Plan your comeback!

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