2020’s Favourite Suplexes, and Other Accidental Pie Charts

These are 2020’s favourite wrestling attacks, by category. Help yourself to some pie!

By complete accident, Grapple MAX had ended up conducting a global survey, and we had collected a ton of responses. (Wait, what do you even mean by “accident”?? Well, more on the methodology later at the end of this post.)

First, here are 5 pie charts of what the wrestling community’s favourite wrestling moves are. The pie charts only show the podium winners (top 3). Related responses are chunked together to produce more meaningful data.

2020’s Favourite Suplex

For meaningful results, moves like”Release German Suplex”, “Bridging German Suplex Pin”, and “Triple German Suplex” have all been grouped in the broader “German Suplex” bin, while “Perfect Plex” falls under “Fisherman’s Suplex”.

I can’t say that it surprises anyone that Germans are number one, whether you like Brock Lesnar’s reckless release version, or Io Shirai’s skilful bridging variant. It is the quintessential pro wrestling throw.

2020’s Favourite Kick

Superkicks include responses such as “Sweet Chin Music”. 1 in 3 respondents say the Superkick is their favourite leg strike. Verify on your own at your next indy show; when you hear the thigh slap you’re definitely in the right place. Often lamented that they are overused and underpowered these days, but just like a good cliche, things are that way because it has its base appeal.

2020’s Favourite Submission

Responses for submissions are way more varied as compared to other attacks. “Sharpshooter” includes “Scorpion Deathlock”, but “Boston Crab does not include “Half Boston Crab”. The top 3 submission holds only account for a third of all responses, as compared to the Superkick, which accounts on its own for a third of all responses for 2020’s Favourite Kick.

2020’s Favourite Aerial

Moonsaults (and its variants came first), and other high profile top rope diving finishers such as the Frog Splash and SSP made it to the top 3. Notable mentions include Red/Black Arrow, and 450 Splash.

2020’s Favourite Weapon

Whether via an overhead shot or a thrust into the gut, the steel chair is synonymous with wrestling weapons. The top 3 wrestling weapons account for half of all responses.

Makes sense, because weapon options are more limited in the wrestling universe as compared to suplexes and submissions. For every weapon named, I’m sure you could come up with 5 submissions without breaking a sweat, explaining the more concentrated distribution result of the weapons survey.


So how did we get here by “accident”? Let’s describe the process of how the data of these pie charts was obtained.

It Started because of COVID-19

We went into lockdown in April. Our wrestling school in Singapore, Grapple MAX, had to suspend operations. No more training, no more live shows. So we had to look for new ways to keep our wrestling community entertained, while we regrouped and thought up new strategies.

To buy ourselves some time, we created game templates in Instagram stories for a couple of weeks. If you’re wondering where you can find these games, check out the “Covid Games” stories highlights on our Instagram – hundreds of people have already played, go have fun!

How We Collected Responses

One of our Instagram Stories games asked wrestling fans to tell us their favourite moves. Here is the game template that accidentally became a survey form for the above study:

Survey Data

Close to 200 wrestlers and wrestling fans from across the world were playing this game. So we started keying in the data on a spreadsheet for a laugh. Only responses in which our Instagram account was tagged were considered. Data from private accounts who played the game cannot be captured because we can’t view those stories.

Our respondents came from countries such as:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • India
  • Dubai
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • USA


Sharpshooter wrestling submission at Sing Lit Body Slam, by Sing Lit Station and Grapple MAX
The Sharpshooter has been voted 2020’s Favourite Submission

So what can you do with this data? These are the community’s favourite wrestling moves. Add some into your move set for a higher chance of popping the crowd, even if you’re still figuring out storytelling or character psychology as a rookie.

You may devise sequences that incorporate or end off with one of these favourites, as an impactful punctuation to a mesmerising paragraph in the story told within your wrestling match. This is data-driven create-a-wrestler.

Learnt something new today? Why not look at this post about wrestling psychology to figure out how to make these favourite wrestling moves even more potent, if you’re thinking of adding them to your move set.

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