Please Keep Posting Your Cringey Digital Content

Strange things happen when you post your crap on social media. So start.

Where do I begin?

During the COVID-19 circuit breaker period, this blog became my way of staying connected with our trainees at Grapple MAX. No wrestling classes, no physical meetups, what can you do to stay close with your community?

Writing About Wrestling

My solution was to write helpful articles targeted at rookie pro wrestlers who were looking to improve their game. We covered topics such as ring psychology, wardrobe, stage names, etc. Each post featured different grapplers at our dojo who excelled in the subject matter discussed in the respective articles.

The weekly stories were shared hundreds of times on social media but traction wasn’t awesome – it was only after a few months that I hit a milestone 10,000 views on this blog. But that was alright. Wrestling is a narrow niche, plus this website project was a pure organic effort too (no paid traffic).

The great thing however was that I now had a platform. Even if only a few hundred people were reading each article, the most important thing was that I now had my own website. All that free time from being locked down? I turned it into something valuable. I now had a place to host all my thoughts on.

Writing About Crypto

Around the middle of this year I stumbled into a new and fast growing sector in crypto called decentralised finance, or DeFi. And boy I went to town with that shit. I posted all my findings and ideas on this blog. It was kinda like my journal. I would research topics deeply before writing articles about DeFi. You can see them in the crypto menu on this blog.

Each time I published a new DeFi article I would post it in crypto Facebook groups, and on LinkedIn. Well, the LinkedIn people loved it. And that’s where the magic really happened. Fucking crazy.

Within 2 or 3 weeks after my DeFi articles started popping up on LinkedIn feeds, I began getting calls for interviews. I’m not talking about job interviews. I’m talking about people wanting to interview me for their channels and virtual events, because I was a thought leader in a new space. I began getting startups asking me to come onboard as a consultant/advisor. Things were moving really fast. I didn’t treat these guys too seriously.

But then, one crypto hedge fund noticed the rare expertise I was in possession of.

Becoming a Fund Manager

I was invited onto the team as the Head of Product Development & Fixed Income. A mouthful. What it means is I’m tasked to launch a new asset management product, and I invest in instruments that generate yield. (Okay sorry I’m not sure if I made it better with that explanation, but it’s irrelevant.)

Hundreds of thousands of US dollars in digital assets were coming my way from investors. They had heard someone was able to make them 200% a year. Well that someone turned out to be me. I was capable of tripling money, and the investors wanted a piece of that action. I’m doing my job fine for now, our client base is growing, and they are incredibly happy so far with the stacks I’m tossing into their lap everyday.

Our CEO calls me the rainmaker. He doesn’t know that that’s another wrestler’s name already but it’s awesome and I’m not gonna fucking correct him.

So What Should You Do?

That’s my story about how a wrestling blog led to me getting hundreds of thousands of dollars shoved into my face to go manage. All from shitposting about wrestling.

But on that point, let’s just admit the chances of you authoring a wrestling blog as well and then also going on to become a crypto portfolio manager are actually low.

My example is only one ridiculous path within a universe of infinite possibilities. You will find your own way. And that’s why I want to support you if you’re posting your online content. I know it’s cringey at the start.

Who cares if it’s stupid? Who cares if no one leaves engagements on your posts? Who cares if no one watches you play video games? I’ll tell you. Nobody fucking cares. There are times people don’t read my blog articles after I’ve spent hours writing em. Just go ahead and do it. Everything you desire is on the other side of your fear of judgment.

Here are some other wrestlers in the Southeast Asian wrestling scene who have been diligently creating content. Maybe you wanna take some inspiration from them. I don’t know where their efforts will take them, but that’s the fun part. Because it’s limitless. We may not be able to wrestle live for quite a while more, but we are blessed enough to have the internet while trapped indoors doing our favourite things.

Jake De Leon (Philippines)
He streams his video game sessions on Twitch. He previously also hosted an interview series with prominent guest wrestlers from all over the world with Ken Warren.

Emman the Kid (Australia/Malaysia)
The Golden Boy is studying in Australia and he’s stuck there. Watch him deal with life in Melbourne in a lifestyle show called Stuck in Australia.

Da Butcherman (Singapore)
Da Butcherman has kicked off a wacky interview series, where the man who plays Da Butcherman sits down with his own alter ego Da Butcherman for amusing conversations.

Syakeel (Singapore)
He’s a Grapple MAX trainee but hasn’t begun performing on our mats yet. His skits are insanely funny. Check out From Faris and Syak. 5 stars.


I wrote nonsense on my blog and ended up being given a lot of money to invest on clients’ behalf. So, you never know where your digital content efforts will lead you. Make it a routine. A habit. Overcome your procrastination or insecurities and start now.

The Ladykiller is a 2-time international wrestling champion and co-founder of Southeast Asia’s #1 pro wrestling school, Grapple MAX. Based in Singapore.

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