How to Start a Wrestling Podcast: 5 Tips from Kick to the Gut!

how to start a wrestling podcast

Singapore’s most regular and longest running wrestling podcast Kick to the Gut! just celebrated a major milestone. 100 episodes.

Kick to the Gut!, presented by local radio personality Mister Young and Singaporean rapper-musician FRGN, is currently in its 3rd season. Each episode usually features an interview with a Singaporean wrestler, as well as a recap of a WWE or AEW show.

Today we’re gonna talk about how to start a brand. Specifically, how to start a wrestling podcast.

Meeting Kick to the Gut! Podcast

I’m gonna be honest.

When I first met the KTTG guys 2 years ago to the day, I didn’t expect them to last. Not because I didn’t see their potential, but because the odds in this industry show consistency is the exception rather than the rule. If there was a betting platform, I guarantee you’d make more money banking on a new wrestling brand dying – rather than winning. Letting down audiences is the norm, and as a participant of financial markets myself, I assure you that taking the side of the prevailing trend is a time-tested path to profitability.

But not these guys. Mister Young and FRGN are cut from a different cloth.

Kick to the Gut! at Grapple MAX

Kick to the Gut! regularly attends Grapple MAX shows and reviews them on podcast episodes

Hanging out together after Grapple MAX Showcase 7, the guys brought up their idea of a weekly show to me. I listened patiently because an open mind is the first prerequisite to detecting opportunity.

If you’ve been around your fair share of shitty companies you’d know that every monkey’s asshole out there has an idea, but only a select few have the ability to execute. A million dollar vision is worth fuck all to any venture capitalist until you produce your first dollar. I’m not being harsh. Waste enough hours in boardroom meetings and you start to understand the common clown’s ambition tends to grossly exceed his competence.

But 3 seasons in, you’ve gotta hand it to KTTG. You don’t realise how much discipline goes into content creation, let alone sticking to a schedule. To celebrate their 100th episode, Mister Young and FRGN recollected the top 10 podcasts on their channel.

In case you needed any reminder of the potency of the Ladykiller brand, the KTTG episode featuring yours truly came in 1st place. More confirmation? The episode featuring Ladykiller tripled the mean viewership for the Filipino channel Kayfabe Cafe. That’s why you’re reading this wrestling blog!

(2nd/3rd place were taken by Grapple MAX wrestlers “Endboss” GREGORY and DJ Kal. Our company makes a habit of sweeping up podium spots. Our other grapplers “Wildfire” Remus, “Hotshot” Wilson, Prabu, and Koen also made the top 10.)

I’m obsessed about winning. I’m intrigued by achievement. I wrote an article about success. In an infinite sea of fuck-ups in wrestling, what distinguishes winners from losers? I spoke to Mister Young and FRGN to understand their collective mindset. Interested in starting your own wrestling brand? Maybe you wanna learn how to start your wrestling podcast? Here’s how.

Kick to the Gut! doesn’t stop at podcasting, FRGN trained to perform at our show in Marina Bay Sands

How to Start a Wrestling Podcast

5 tips from the pros:

1. Don’t underestimate the power of habit

Your interest and love for wrestling can only get you that far, according to FRGN. You’ve gotta embrace the grind in order to parlay that into a tangible product. Some days you’ll feel unmotivated. Some days the wrestling content in the world is lacklustre. What happens when your passion wanes? The routines and structures you live by will help you keep delivery on track. KTTG has made it their niche. A weekly podcast, without fail. It’s all about system design.

2. Focus on your objective

Mister Young says it helps to remind yourself why you’re doing it. Is your objective to talk about wrestling? Then don’t be distracted by things like money or fame. As long as you focus on getting better at what you’re doing, success will naturally gravitate to you. He lives by this philosophy. I’ve heard him speak many times about how he and FRGN don’t care even if they have zero listeners. Focus and take action. Delivering a product at 20% is better than planning for elusive perfection, and doing 0%.

3. Be prepared for the unglamorous parts

Are you ready to wear many hats? FRGN says podcasting is not just all about the audio recording alone. You’ve got to learn to brand yourself. How can you cultivate an audience and build engagement? How can you network and enter new circles? How can you do market research to generate ideas for new content? It’s the same as physical wrestling. It’s not only about the 10 minutes you’re in the ring under the spotlight. There are a lot of unsexy parts nobody talks about.

4. Be okay with struggling

A little wisdom from Mister Young. Be brave and accept that you’re going to struggle. Nobody gets 100,000 listeners per episode right out the gate. It takes time, hustle, self awareness, and humility to evolve your product. You’ve got to start somewhere. There is no failure, only feedback. Your audience will indicate what you should focus on. Fine-tuning is a reframing of the concept of struggle, a necessary ingredient to winning.

5. There’s no loss in asking

A rejection only hurts when you have an ego. Go ahead and approach wrestlers to be on your show. Your channel will piggyback on their respective demographics. Ignore your insecurities about whether superstars may find your platform too small to be worth their time. Take the plunge and you’d be surprised that you may be rewarded. What’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t ask, the answer is no anyway. FRGN’s reminder is that in the digital age, email and Instagram put any celebrity within reach.


Mister Young and FRGN have commented about how COVID-19 has provided the push for content creators to start new brands. (Even this blog itself was a response to the COVID-19 lockdowns.) They’ve since started doing video too, expanding on their audio channel.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a wrestling podcast, the unrelenting journey of sustained effort by Mister Young and FRGN should give you adequate inspiration. Personally, I believe your final product and what you envisioned at the start always tends to look very different. So get started. Stop procrastinating and win.

Grapple MAX sponsors Kick to the Gut!, in support of promising local pro wrestling initiatives.

Kick to the gut! and Grapple MAX offer

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The Ladykiller is a 2-time international wrestling champion and co-founder of Southeast Asia’s #1 pro wrestling school, Grapple MAX. Based in Singapore.

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