Wrestling in Southeast Asia: The Definitive Guide [2021 Edition]

It’s time for the annual roundup of pro wrestling in Asia. We focus on the Southeast Asia region. Find last year’s here.

Globally, 2020 was defined by drama. Just general craziness that you couldn’t even begin to imagine, let alone make up. Even more so in wrestling.

Of course with COVID-19, indy wrestling in Asia suffered tremendously last year, but adversity is often what differentiates players in the same scene. 2020 was a year that held so much promise. But as it turned out, it looked nothing like what all of us at Grapple MAX had envisioned originally. That’s life.

DJ Kal & Juckson at Dennis Gym

We started 2020 strong, with our Grapple MAX athletes getting a sponsorship from Dennis Gym. Then we couldn’t train in it.

The pandemic affected all wrestling promotions to varying degrees, though many had their idiosyncratic issues to deal with, such as the #speakingout/#metoo movement, or a talent exodus.

Fans have always held suspicions that the real life drama that goes on backstage is more enticing than the storylines in the ring. True, judging from what we saw. In a year with barely any live shows, wrestling in Asia still managed to keep the fanbase at the edge of their seat. Can’t say that it was always in a good way though.

We’ll recap the scene country by country, and I’ll leave my general thoughts. Views presented are entirely my own and do not represent those held by any companies.

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