Wrestling in Southeast Asia: The Definitive Guide [2021 Edition]


Companies & Promotions

Key Talent

  • Emman the Kid (MyPW operations manager)
  • Shaukat (APAC founder)
  • Wonderboy JYE (rebooted with fresh gimmick)
  • Carlo Cannon (newly-appointed head coach of MyPW)

Emman continues to perform in Australia where possible, while managing operations for MyPW from a different continent. In terms of carrying the MyPW brand, he’s doing the heaviest lifting. Carlo Cannon, from Melbourne’s Vicious Pursuit, looks like he’ll have a more prominent role going forward with MyPW.

Emman the Kid representing MyPW in Melbourne at PCW.
Source: PCW Facebook.

Over at APAC, Shaukat reprises the role of top dog in his third promotion, and JYE (fka JY Eagle) gets a reboot into douchebag heel.


APAC Wrestling deserves credit for providing fresh weekly content via their YouTube channel. Things in Malaysia have not been easy because of covid lockdowns, so live events are not possible, which makes the ability to think outside the box and film matches in a studio even more laudable. Comments on their YouTube matches are very favourable.

What APAC also did really well is create hype, long a forte of Shaukat. WWE hall of famer Cameos, programme sponsors, and a network deal have contributed to the glitzy image of APAC.

Source: APAC Wrestling Facebook.

2020 Moment

APAC is the latest project of serial wrestling company founder Shaukat. While it appears like a new brand, this promotion features a lot of the same established Malaysian talent that have performed in MyPW’s early years, and subsequently the now defunct Asia Wrestling Entertainment.

Shaukat had liquidated family assets in order to fund his own production house as well as APAC, which is a bold bet on Malaysian wrestling. You gotta admire the personal sacrifices of founders who go all in.

In Jan 2021 Shaukat dropped the bombshell announcing his departure from MyPW, and a day later MyPW announced the appointment of a new head coach – Carlo Cannon. People have been quick to point out that the involvement of the Australian with MyPW actually makes MyPW more APAC than APAC itself is.

A personal observation is that the audience is feeling a little fatigue from the constant brand splintering within the Malaysian wrestling scene.

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