Wrestling in Southeast Asia: The Definitive Guide [2021 Edition]

The Philippines

Companies & Promotions

Key Talent

  • MSG (Chris Panzer, Sandata, Main Maxx, and manager Mr Sy)
  • PWOGs (WWE tryout athletes Jake De Leon and Ken Warren)
  • Crystal (MyPW Wrestlecon champ and main-eventer)


PWR managed 3 shows before covid lockdowns in the Philippines forced the promotion to suspend all further shows. MSG enjoyed a major push and captured gold for each of themselves with Chris Panzer main eventing 2 out of the 3 cards, and Crystal successfully defended her MyPW Wrestlecon Championship against Jake De Leon.

Clearly an important angle the way it was booked, which made MSG leaving later on even more palpable.
Source: PWR Facebook.

The Grapple MAX family gathered to watch PWR Homecoming together, so thanks for putting the full show online for us to enjoy as wrestling fans.

2020 Moment

The #speakingout Twitter movement around wrestling in Asia began with PWR wrestler Nina exposing the bad behaviour of Alex Cuevas. Both PWR and MWF were rapid in their response, publicly condemning such actions and vowing to keep work environments safe for their talent. The entire debacle caught the attention of mainstream Filipino media ABS-CBN and Rappler.

The other major shake up was the exodus that saw not just talent but also staff leaving PWR, citing “bullying and toxicity” as their reason. This left fans unclear about the direction of wrestling in the Philippines. It’s a shame to see some of their most exported and recognisable talent leave, but something like this couldn’t have been a rash decision, and they did what they deemed best for themselves. Jake De Leon even posted a heartwrenching video in which he retired the “Mr Philippine Wrestling” moniker temporarily.

Focusing on the positives though, this becomes a catalyst for some of the other boys to move up to occupy the top ranks that are now vacant. Chino Guinto, Mike Madrigal, YOLO Twins, just to name a few, are some of the guys to watch, when regular programming resumes.

Coveted international tour bookings usually tend to go to the same few wrestlers who become synonymous with their home promotions. Now the push can go to a new batch of wrestlers, and though it may appear they’re forced to step up, frankly they were probably ready all along.

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