Wrestling in Southeast Asia: The Definitive Guide [2021 Edition]


Companies & Promotions

  • Vietnam Pro Wrestling (fka Saigon Pro Wrestling Club)

Key Talent

  • Rocky Huynh (Owner and Vietnam Openweight Champion)
  • Sid Nguyen (Head coach and media)
  • Vung Tau Xperience (Tag team champs)

Source: VPW Facebook.

I personally liked the performance by Vung Tau Xperience at VPW: Upgrade. They make their entrance sipping iced milk tea. They dance and taunt. They appear to actually have fun wrestling, which tragically escapes most new wrestlers. Props to using a local name that reflects their culture, as opposed to meaningless western sounding names. Most of the Vietnam roster are noticeably green anyway, so being blessed with charisma and intra-team chemistry distinguishes this team from the rest of the rookies instantly.


VPW, rebranded from Saigon Pro Wrestling Club to reflect a more serious and less recreational attitude, managed to deliver live performances both on the mat and in the ring in 2020, which is a luxury for their wrestlers and promotion. Good vision and execution by the team, supported by loyal fans online and offline. I was looking forward to seeing more international collaborations from them, such as with China’s Middle Kingdom Wrestling in 2019, but covid ruined it for everybody.

2020 Moment

Following their successful fundraising in 2019, VPW invested in a ring and probably had just enough money left as runway to make it through 2020. After organising 2 shows, their 3rd was unfortunately postponed indefinitely because of covid directives by the government.

VPW’s owner and head coach in the main event of their ring show.
Source: VPW Facebook.

I think the bigger victory for VPW is that their young management team gained invaluable experience planning their ring show. This is difficult to learn in any trailblazing company because there are no industry best practices to follow, and therefore the best way to learn is by doing.

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