Wrestling in Southeast Asia: The Definitive Guide [2021 Edition]

Wrestling in Southeast Asia: Conclusion

The main challenge for wrestling in Asia in 2021 is of course to find a way to co-exist with covid restrictions. This pandemic has forced businesses to adapt or die out.

Tech companies generally have been clear winners because of scale and because of their nature as an alternative to physical transactions (look at e-commerce or food delivery). But brick and mortar, real estate dependent, low scalability, ultra niche physical sports… Such as pro wrestling? They’re gonna find it a lot tougher. Ask any indy wrestling company. Their income statement will confirm this.

Without ThunderDome-level budgets for broadcasting performances, and with healthcare and regulatory uncertainty, this may signal the beginning of Southeast Asian pro wrestling’s lost years. I foresee companies going so dormant that they might as well have wound up, or talent losing interest and going into circumstantial retirement.

But, stay optimistic, right? We’ll see how inventive we can all become.

Wrestling in Asia

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